How to add Audio Clip To your Blog Using SCM Music Player


Hi Guys want to add Music Player on your blog then come here.Putting music on Blog is not something very commendable, but there are models that players may be worth by being discreet, easy to customize and will not begin playing automatically.SCM Music Player is a great model that can be incorporated both in Blogger, Tumblr or, running audio from any tab, including links to YouTube videos, creating playlists customized and unique to your blog.

Add SCM Music Player Code Follow These Steps:-

  • Edit Playlist

  • Add some song URL and press sort playlist button

Configure Settings

  • Select Done to proceed.
  • Copy the code from the box.

Now After Copying Code Add SCM Music Player Code To Blogger Blog

  • Go to Blogger Dashboard > Layout > Add HTML/Javascript.
  • Now Paste SCM Music Player Code.
  • Save it.
Your Are Done Now Enjoy!!!! See The Change Don't Forget to Drop Your Comment
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  1. Hi Aquib. I used the SCM site and its setup wizard to place a music player at the bottom of my blog page. My problem now is that I don't know how to delete it. I never actually entered any html code, the setup wizard did whatever wizards do ... and suddenly the player appeared at the bottom of any blog page I'm on. I'm not technical but I did poke around in the blog's html and found nothing resembling the SCM Music Player code. Can you tell me how to get rid of it? Thanks.

  2. Hello Kit Thanks for commenting if you wanted to remove the SCM music player then goto your dashboard click on layout and now click on edit of SCM widget then a new window open now click on remove'r done!!!

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